By María Román

Couture and Fashion Accessories from NAMOR Moda




Welcome to Namor Moda. Couture collections and fashion accessories from designer Maria Roman.



Welcome to NAMOR



    NAMOR Moda is the couture collection of Maria Roman, a designer who expresses her feminine might through the use of cutting edge fashion complemented by her unique and unusual accessories that make any woman stand out from and shine.

Maria Roman's classic style starts with the creative use of materials from a different time that are transformed for a new look that connects the old world and the new world for a fabulous array of monochromatic allure.

Without question, NAMOR Moda is a jewel that every woman wants to wear.

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  About the Designer
Designer Maria Roman's fashion style is a collection of emotions that include Love, Sensuality and Beauty that blend to give women the power to show how looking beautiful and sophisticated is a special form of strength.

Maria Roman designs collections that make a striking couture statement along with an intriguing line of fashion accessories that evoke bliss for every woman who exerts her feminine enchantment. Learn more about Maria Roman by reading her full professional profile.